Akasha Heritage Spa & Villa

Your home away from home

We are so blessed to have Akasha Heritage as our gorgeous home for this once in a life time, 4 day retreat.

Akasha Heritage is a unique and luxurious spa and retreat villa which combines modern architecture with the finest collection of sacred art and vintage nordic designer furniture to create an oasis of peace and tranquility in one of the most exclusive locations in Ibiza.

Equipped with a mix of single and double beds, infinity pool and surround by beautiful nature you will want for nothing.

When you are not hooping, dancing, learning, playing you will be fed the most gorgeous food from our in-house team. Food is prepared by our local organic and sustainable catering team on the premises.

Time spent at Akasha Heritage nourishes the five physical senses and creates an atmosphere which is conducive to connecting with the sixth - intuition. The energetic awareness which is made possible by living in total alignment with your surroundings forms the seventh.

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