Our story


The Hoop experience is movement, based on experiences. 


We focus on holistic wellbeing

Through events, retreats and workshops we come together to learn, share, empower each other to be the best version of ourselves. 

The Hoop, the circle is the basic structure in nature, we find it everywhere! 

The circle is the most important symbol in many ancient, native traditions. As well an important structure we use daily in our modern life.  


The circle is the first pattern of the “Flower of Life” which is the symbol and structure for this 3-dimensional reality humanity is living in. 


Like the seasons circling around the years, like the plants growing in a spiral towards the light, towards the sun, like the waves of the ocean, our intention is to represent and be inline with this natural law of creation.   


• The Hoop Experience is movement.

 Based on experiences of living within a global-community which shares inspiration and education. Which increases awareness and connectedness, which ultimately brings us more closely aligned to nature and it’s rhythm.  As a result we create much happier and more productive lifestyles. Lifestyles which are sustainable. 


• We focus on holistic wellbeing.

We are intent on creating routines which allow us to find the Joy in caring for ourselves and as a result allows us to care  more deeply for others.


• Through events, retreats and workshops we come together to learn, share, empower each other to be the best version of ourselves. 

The Creators

It was quite a meeting these two had!

On the suggestion of Deanne Love, Joy contacted Mitra in early 2018 to be a facilitator at her first Hoop and Wellness Gathering. Mitra, taught several hoop workshops, connected Joy with various local artisans and chefs and was a great sounding board for ideas. 

As Mitra has been based in Ibiza for the last 4 years she had immense knowledge of the Island and a wide network of locals to support and create the best possible event. One which not only tastes the aura of the island but gave back to it and its numerous artisans and creators which inhabit this delicious space. Not to mention Mitra had been dreaming to host a retreat of her own on the island. Quickly realising their shared love of Ibiza a slow fire began to burn. 


Joy, eager to continue this journey returned to the island 3 weeks later, fresh from leaving her corporate job as advertising strategist behind to pursue the ideas they had hatched at Hoop and Wellness.


The two then spent 2 weeks together living in a shared house in Ibiza where they shared a lot of laughter, exciting moments, as well as recognising a deeper interconnectedness happening. They discovered quickly that they loved each other, as well as sharing the same visions and dreams. And the rest is history, a new friendship was born, a new sisterhood in life, as well perfectly matched business partners! 

Meet Joy Dean aka Hoop Hustle Flow and Jelena Mitra aka Mitra Hoop!

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