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We offer a shuttle from the airport at two set times, on arrival days. 

We always suggest an earlier arrival to Ibiza and/or stay longer to enjoy the island and its surrounding sister islands. If you choose to do so, we recommend renting a car to have the freedom easy take you around. You are also able to rent scooters if you have the capacity to ride them.


You can rent cheap cars at remember to choose “full/full” witch means you don’t need to pay extra service fee at the place when you pick up the car. You are picking up the car with a full tank of gas and you must return it with the same.

Do not choose any insurance from this homepage! This means you will pay for any damages and then you must clamin back from Do You Spain. You will still also be forced to buy insurance at the rental office or go without.

The insurance you buy at the car rental office for about 15-25 € a day when you are picking up the car, depending on season.

Most of the rental car companies pick you up at the airport and they drive you to their office without any extra cost.


  • Collapsible cup for your coffee, tea, drinks at the Villa and in the town. 

  • Your favourite reusable water bottle.

  • Your favourite Hoops - we will have spares but if you plan to multi hoop bring additional in the same size. Each workshop with have a list of supplies needed.

  • Yoga mat

  • Swimming wear

  • Mozzy spray

  • Sun Protection: spray and hat

  • Sleeping kit: ear plugs/eye mask

  • Power supply: phone charger, LED batteries, plugs, back up plugs, EU wall plug

  • Camera, memory

  • CASH (this is an island and many places do not take credit card)


There are many cash point (atms), but all places prefer cash. Euros is the currency. Credit cards are excepted but you will be charged an exchange fee. Try Revolut or Monzoo for international transactions

  1. We are hosting a luxury hoop and healing retreat, full of Hula Hooping, Dance, Therapies, Yoga, organic sustainable food from local chef, day trips, artisan shops, gifts from sponsors all at a gorgeous luxury villa in Ibiza. ​

  2. Facilities can be seen on the website, on this video link and via PDF in THE Hoop Group on FB (which you should join)

  3. We are purposely a small group (25-30 max) so that we can get to know one another, give all our students special attention and really focus on your/our growth together.

  4. A mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner are included - and made know of the tickets page.

  5. All of our Sponsors will be provided gifts, discounts and offers to our students from the moment you purchase you ticket.

  6. Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a welcome pack within 72 hours with all that you need and more.

  7. We will pick up from the airport at two designated times, if you come before or after those times we will give you easy directions to us at the villa.

  8. Payment plans are available, €200 deposit and 50% split of the remaining balance in two payments - Tickets info here 

  9. We are an international group and all levels are welcome

  10. We are offering day passes for local to ibiza and neighbouring islands

**We cannot wait to hoop with you**!

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