Hoop & Healing, Ibiza is a hula hoop experience which will challenge us physically and emotionally, to be reminded of the essence of life! We have the privilege of staying in one of Ibiza’s most luxurious Villas, Akasha Heritage.


The Villa is surrounded by nature, sea views over Es Vedra island standing over 400 meters high, creating a high vibrational sacred space for us to go deep. Hoop and Healing is an adventure that will trigger happiness, ecstasy and profound emotions within you. This is a space for you to recharge, to bring more silence, more peace to your mind, body and soul. We will have powerful facilitators of Dance, Yoga, Tantra, Shamanism and Water Therapies.


Let’s deepen the connection to the rhythm of the spiralling circle and your true nature. We want to inspire, empower and touch the essence of what is actually moving us forward in life. Come enjoy Ibiza’s raw nature, with Mitra Hoop & Hoop Hustle Flow, in collaboration with our wonderful international teachers of the art of healing.


Live concert with Bahramji and Medusa Odyssey


You will be in great hands with this talented group of humans. Our workshop teachers will lead you through gorgeous inward journey, coming out wiser stronger and more mental and physically fit than before you arrived.


Our therapists and sponsors will offer you support and form of optional product and services.

This is your Hoop & Healing Community!



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