Joy Dean - Hoop Hustle Flow

Creator Hoop & Wellness Gathering, THE Director Operations

Equal parts circus performer, health and wellness coach and alternative lifestyles champion.


In a previous life, she worked  as a digital advertising strategist, delivering scalable results for large corporate brands and agencies. She is passionate about inspiring people to create the healthy lifestyles they desire through play-based fitness and creative movement exploration.


Trained under Global Hoop Dance sensation Deanne Love and Guinness World Record holder Marawa the Amazing, Joy began to understand her calling. This was the catalyst for leaving behind the corporate world to develop her ideas in community based wellness. In In, 2019, she launched the first Hoop & Wellness gathering  focused on bringing us together in the a beautiful safe, location with the goal of producing achievable and importantly, maintainable lifestyle adjustments is your quest for more holistic and fulfilling lives.  Body positivity, movement exploration and laughter featured heavily.


When not performing with The Majorettes hula hoop troupe or teaching adults how to roller skate for Playtone, she can be found teaching her own brand of Yoga Fusion, called Hoop Flex, which is a fusion of the hula hoop and the asana! Bridging the gap in corporate wellness her clients include media agencies, ad technology giants and the every day yogi looking for inspiration.

She continues to strive for collaboration over competition and celebrate community growth and sustainable healthy lifestyle practices above all else.

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"Ive learned to stop watering the weeds"

Mitra Hoop

Creator Hoop & Healing, THE Facilitator

Mitra Hoop is an experienced Hula-Hoop, Fire and Light performer, as well as a procurer, designer, teacher and coach. Born in Sweden, she spends her life travelling around the world performing, exploring life, cultures and communities.


Mitra found her passion for Hoop dance in her first long trip to Guatemala, in 2009, where she began to dive deeper into the art of healing which made more clear her mission in this life.


At the age of 17, she started what has become a life-long yoga practice. This alongside meditation techniques and self love exercises has helped Mitra hone her own wellness routines. In the last 10 years she has combined these powerful tools with a focus on deep spiritual tasks connecting with natural medicine that supporting spirit, emotions and body. 


Trained by Colleena Shakti in traditional temple dance at Odissi, in India, as well as studying Native American Hoop dance, Sufi dance, hoop-teacher trainings, and various manifestation techniques has allowed Mitra to manifest in her life and to live her passion as a freelance performance artist. 


This requires many hours of practice, dedication, deep creative thinking, creating costumes and developing acts with intention to empower, share joy and inspiring humanity to follow their hearts desire.


The hoop-life-style also inspired her to create an apparel collection specifically for other Hoop performers and Yoga practitioners, the first of which was released in 2018.  


The hoop has given back many miracles and abundant experience to her life. One such experience was the chance meeting of her Hoop Sister, Joy Dean aka Hoop Hustle flow, who shared her passion to create and build community through the infinite hoop. Together they are “The Hoop Experience” through which she will  share her passion for the art honed over the last 6 years. 


“My dream is to create experiences with immense power and deep beauty, through which you can realise your limitless potential as a human. 

My life is a devotion to the deeper mystical essence that lives in all of us. To awake and expand awareness about our infinite connection to all there is. 

Inspiring humanity to follow our excitement, our passion, heart and do more of what we love; because that is what the world needs" 


Mitra has taught and performed at Hoop Camp (USA), Schoola Hoop Camp (UK), Helsinki Hoop Convention (FIN), Germany Hoop Convention, UK Hoop Gathering, also festivals like Burningman (USA), Ondalinda Festival (MEX),  Boom Festival (POR) Ozora (HUN) Freq of Nature (GER) Antaris (GER) YAGA (LIT) and hosted numerous workshops around Europe.  


She has wowed audiences at large corporate client events as well as intimate weddings, amazed attendees at private parties for David Guetta in Ibiza and Guy Laliberté (Cirque du Soleil Founder) in Mexico in addition to nightclubs such as Heart Ibiza.

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