About Ibiza from Mitra

As it has for you, Ibiza’s energy attracts world-travelers to stay, artist to create and freedom seekers to celebrate.  

The natives of Ibiza are Ibicencos and in addition to Spanish they speak “Ibicenco.’  In the 70s, seekers, adventurers, and hippies discover the untouched mediterranean paradise by boat.

Besides Ibiza’s stunning raw nature, with white sand beaches, turquoise water, this Island also holds a very special energy. 


Tanit was the goddess the natives worshiped in ancient tradition and you can definitely feel that Ibiza is a very feminine island. The goddess Tanit is still being honored today. Why not try an adventurous and beautiful hike in the very north Cala Can Vincente, to visit the old Tanit cave.  

The local community 

Along with the Ibicencos, a strong community of hippies and artists have made their home in Ibiza. “Your vibe attract your tribe” and what this tribe have in common is definitely a very open heart and mind. They do love to celebrate life, meetup at singing circles, and dance - the local parties really are one of the kind on this Island. 

The parties  

Of course we know Ibiza has become known as a party Island and famous for the biggest and hottest nightclubs in the world! Most of them, like Ushuaia started in the 70s by a Italien hippie, who simply built up a small palapa on the beach, to enjoy life, friends and the moment of now. 

Many places today try to copy this vibe and if you don’t come with a good intention, with patience, the island has its power to push people out. 


Ibiza represent freedom. Many feel natural and free here, without any pressure from society telling them what's right or wrong.  

It’s easy to enjoy many stunning natural spots, transform, be healed, enjoy various yoga retreats, shamanic ceremonies or you can seek liberation of thought via late night parties, drugs and alcohol, it’s also a form of freedom, it all depends what’s vibration you are at. 


The Island is small, you can drive from the north to the south of the island within an hour. 

The south is more busy and you find more of the conversational events there during the high season (May-August). The beaches here have white sand and you can experience the big stunning rock Es Vedra in this part. 

The north is more quiet and has more the “hippie vibe” with the fun and stunning artisan markets. Stunning rock landscapes to sunbathe upon and take your swim at ore black sand to burn under your feet. 

Mitra’s personal recommendations


La Paloma / San Lorenzo, in-land, middle of the Island. If Eden was a real place, I think it would be like La Paloma. Lovely details everywhere, you eat in the garden, local veggies and food from their own garden, stuff is super friendly and prices really affordable. Lunch menu is more Israeli inspired and dinner menu more italian. The baked focaccia and falafel salad is highly recommended!  

Sunset Ashram / Cala comte. Super tasty and creative food. Meat and fish, a kitchen inspired by mediterranean and eastern flavors. Best sunset-dinner-spot. Prices from 25€-40€ a meal. (but really worth it) 

Can Gimo/ San Lorenzo, in-land, middle of the Island, San Lorenzo to enjoy local organic vegetables, tasty and healthy, smoothies, and yummy cakes. Very charismatic and beautiful place. Perfect for breakfast/lunch.   

10-20€ a meal. 

Amante ibiza - / Cala Llonga, East side of Ibiza with wonderful sea view. 15-30€ a meal.

Atzaro - Stunning resort to enjoy the spa, book a massage, yoga session or eat lunch/dinner under the orange trees.  

Restaurant las puertas del cielo  (the door of heaven)  / Sant Agnes. West side of Ibiza.  This is a very hidden small Ibicenco restaurant with the most stunning view and sunset. Here you can enjoy a lunch, traditional Paella and take a hike around the nature. 

Chiringuito Cala Escondida/ super cute little chiringuito to take a beer or wine, a small lunch and snacks while enjoying the beach. Sometimes, most Fridays, they have some latino and reggie troubadour and it becomes a nice little beach party. 

Going out:

All Night Clubs have different promoters/organiser. So to get the good party look up the organizer and promoters. 

Heart Ibiza / Ibiza Town (Created by the founder of Cirque du soleil) usually have good parties, especially at Thursdays “Maktub”  and Sundays “Saga” during the session. 

Pacha /Ibiza Town, Wednesdays “Elements” 


Cala Xuclar / North Portinax

Punta Galera / North of Portinax 

Aigues Blanques / North Es Figueral

Punta Galera / South San Antonia

Cala Escondida / Cala Comte

Cala Corral / Cala Tarida One of my favorite places if you want to be alone and swim naked. 

Cala d’hort/ Es Cubelles to enjoy the back-drop of Es Vedra


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