How to Travel like a ROCKSTAR!

Updated: Jan 19

I don't know about you, but I love starting off as I mean to go on.. and by this I mean being prepared. Making sure I enjoy my flight or my car journey will lead to a much more enjoyable (and less stressed) me upon arrival. This is a public service if you think about it :)

One of the best way to rock you flight is by starting the night before. Before you even get to the airport. Start by skipping booze the night before in favour of lots of yummy H2O, get a good 3Ls in through out the day prior to your flight. The air pulled in at high altitudes is much dryer than on the ground, so during the flight, you're exhaling moisture-rich air and inhaling dry air. Starting the night before ensures you board hydrated and then can continue on the flight with 8 oz for every hour you are in the air. Try taking coconut powder onboard, mix up your own blend rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidant. Go without saying to avoid alcohol or caffeine which will under mind all the previous hard work.

Next up, comfort. You know it always starts off warm on flights and then as soon as your off the ground the cabin temper drops to artic ranges.. OK OK maybe that a slight exaggeration but I personally like to be warm and snug, so I travel with my cashmere wrap scarf. This power player is both large fluffy scarf and adequately sized blanket. If you travel on log hauls you will usually be given a small polyester square to use.. ridiculous. I sway bring your own and tick both the comfort and style box. Yes. I bring this even on sunny trips as Im usually leaving from London where its chilly. If it will be ridiculously hot, I use my sarong in place of my cashmere but for Ibiza the cashmere works :)

Third, head phones! Trust me when I tell you my BOSE noise cancelling headphones are a lifesaver. Blocking background noise like a boss, say good bye to the sound of air pressure, kids, and other passenger, its almost like you're on your own personal jet... almost. Noise-canceling headphones, no matter how long the flight, are vital. The constant dull thrum of the engine and machinery onboard is so disruptive to your nervous system, so invest. They will set you back a few hundred but I honestly couldn't live with out them - Add a meditation app, an epic playlist (grab mine here), an audiobook or nothing at all and you will be blissfully zen in no time. Throw in an eye mask and we might not ever see you again.

And finally, last but not least, I always travel with my yoga therapy balls (a set of 2). I use these to roll on my legs, neck, back or under foot on flight 2 hours or more. These are great if you are prone to swollen feet on flights, or get a stiff neck or back from the uncomfortable seats. Especially on discount airlines! You can use seated or head to the back of the plane for a you time. Cheap as chips, but a tennis ball works in a pinch.

What are your ultimate inflight travel companions, short and long haul, share in the comments we would love to hear from you.

With love and the travel bug.

THE team xo

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