Mitra's Top 10 Experiences in Ibiza

Updated: Jan 19

There is so much nature and beaches to explore in Ibiza.

Ibiza is a small island in the Mediterranean that belongs to Spain. There is no big city in Ibiza but in Ibiza town is really cozy, small and has just everything you need. Otherwise when you drive around the island there is smaller "pueblos" /Village. Which gives more space to enjoy Ibiza's raw nature.

Many creative artists have gathered on this Island so there is many amazing restaurant and markets to support and enjoy.

Here is my 10 things to experience if you have never been to Ibiza

1. Playa Cala Escondida / Cala Comte on the west coast of Ibiza, It’s not too far from San Antonio. 

It’s an 800-metre strip of whit sand that hugs the twisting contours of the rocky coast. Turquoise water and amazing sunset! Explore Cala Comte

Sunset Ashram restaurant that lives in Playa Cala Escondida / Cala Comte has super tasty and creative food,  very good meat and fish, a kitchen inspired by mediterranean and eastern flavours. Best sunset-dinner-spot. Prices from 25€-40€ a meal. (but really worth it)

2. Es Vedra Is a big rock that grows up and out from the ocean in the south.

It's a really spectacular natural art and many believe it also carries a magical purpose.

Once you get to the cost line where you see it, you will understand it's a very powerful spot of Ibiza.

3. Las puertas del cielo  (the door of heaven)  / Sant Agnes. West side of Ibiza. You can take a hike through the nature and find the most stunning sunset show! There is also a small, simple, Spanish restaurant here; Restaurant las Puertas del Cielo,  n the middle of the forest. You can enjoy a traditional Paella and some drinks. 

4. “Time and Space” Ibiza’s stone ages/ Guy Laliberte (creator of Cirque du Soleil)  art and Alien installation. A compass, huge stones placed in a perfect calculation after this year's season.

5. Puertas Can Soleil /  Near “time and space” you'll find another art installation. Big beautiful doors to enter a thought, an intention, whatever your heart desires.

6. Heart Ibiza nightclub. In Ibiza Town (Created by the founder of Cirque du Soleil) you can usually enjoy really good parties, performances, live acts and big international DJ’s. It’s classy and elegant at the same time the crowd is very relaxed.

If you are really fancy you can book a table to experience their very experimental, artistic drinks and divine food. This alongside music and circus acts - a full experience for all senses!  The dinner starts around 22.00 and 01.00AM it will transform in to a nightclub.

7. La Paloma restaurant in San Lorenzo, in-land, middle of the Island. 

If Eden was a real place, I think it would be like La Paloma. Lovely details everywhere, you eat in the garden, local veggies and food from their private garden, the staff is super friendly and prices really affordable. Lunch menu is more Israeli inspired and dinner menu more Italian. The baked focaccia and falafel salad is highly recommended!  

8. My favourite market is San Juan artisan market that happens every Sunday all year around. This has become the meeting point for the north Island resident

artists and artisans. You will find amazing handcraft from jewellery, clothes, to local olive-oil, and more. 

Es Canar Market. Is probably the biggest market that happens every Wednesday during the season. Here you can find all kinds of "local fashion" at quite good prices.

9. Old town/ Ibiza town. Inside the old walls of Ibiza town you can have a very cozy time, wandering around. The areas are packed with galleries, boutiques and local amenities like bakeries, bank, grocers, and phone service kiosks. At the very top of the old city is the cathedral, which sits next to a scenic outlook over the water. Potter around inside for a few minutes to see the gothic gold and silver monstrance, dating to 1399, and the 14th and 15th-century gothic panel paintings.

10. Cala Corral / Cala Tarida has a small old boat harbour with rocks you can lie and sunbathe on. This is one of my favourite places to go to during the busy high-season to get a proper nude-swim, meditate and be alone! It has a small, nice and safe hike next to the coast  edge of the mountain leading to Puertas Can Soleil and “Time and Space” Ibiza’s stone ages 

Check these spots out and leave your thoughts in the comments below, or if you have been to the island and want to share your favourite, we would love to hear it.

With love and light,

Mitra and Joy


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