Our Top 5 Retreat Essential

Are you blurry eyed and stressed with the overwhelming amount of choices when if comes to a destination holiday? Are you unsure what you actually want out of a retreat, versus what you need?

The obvious starting point is determining the type of event you are after. Whether you want to save up for a all inclusive holiday or you are a frequent traveller and looking for something more budget focused...

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Do I want to relax, be active or some combination of both?

2. If active; do I want a fitness holiday, city tour or beach water sport vibe?

3. If relax; where I find most relaxing? Countryside, beach, or mountain top?

4. If both, how much of each do I need or is it just flexibility that Im after?

5. Whats most important the location or the activities?

6. Are you comfortable as a solo traveller or are you looking to make new friends?

7. Are you comfortable travelling to new places or would you like more support locally on things to see and do at your chosen location?

8. Does event size matter? What is your preference, large or more intimate groups of people?

9. Luxury or BackPackers? All inclusive, partial or are you happy to sort out everything beyond the ticket itself?

10. Finally, what is your price point? Generally, retreats will run a wide range of prices. Your responsibility is to understand the value of what you are getting. Are you saving up for your once a year holiday or do you travel far and often.

Make a spreadsheet of your answers and use them to determine your needs and your must haves before you book. Ask A LOT of questions of your hosts. Learn what they feel their responsibility to you is and what is your personal responsibility. Learn how much they expect you to know and/or figure out yourself, so you are aware of how much hand holding will be available (and also you will both quickly figure out how much you need). This is a win win for you and your host. Trust that they want to make you secure AND empower yourself, by not walking into a situation blindly.

The Hoop Experience specialises in all inclusive, fully hands on, luxury events for our community. This means, we pick you up from the airport, we drive you to and from insider tours on this special island, we feed you amazing locally sourced catered food, provide luxury accommodations at a high end resort. In addition, we keep our student to teacher ratio extremely low, and our student to student ratio even lower in order to foster real connections and new friendships. This is all on top of the various workshops we've hand selected and work closely with the teacher to develop based on our curriculum or theme for the locations event. We think of everything so you don't have too!

From this, we came up with our top 5 essentials for the perfect fitness holiday gathering.

Here they are:

1) LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: no explanation needed :)

2) ACCOMMODATION: there is no point travelling half way around the world to sleep rough or having to sort it out yourself when you arrive. If you are a frequent traveller this may not be the highest on your list but for most having a place to lay there head is essential. It should be clean, comfortable, secure, and assessable proximity to basic needs (shops, attractions, banks, and food).

3) GROUP DYNAMIC: its super important to have a good staff in place with defined steps for ensuring your guests feel taken care of and that their needs are being met. The group should alway be in calm reassuring hand so that the guest can focus on enjoyment of the activities and of each. This is what allows for growth, transformation and acceleration of skills acquisition, it's what bond students together and facilitators alike.

4) VARIETY of PLAY: unless you are going to a training intensive it's really important learn something new. It's variety of skills and techniques which pushes through boundaries blocking innovation. To create you must not live in a box, you must have exposure to new ideas which in turn will generate more new ideas.. .that is the catalyst for creativity and what keep you pliable, placid and productive. This can be applied to all forms arts and technology. Add play to the mix and your winning!

5) REST & RECHARGE: at the end of all that invigorating play based learning, you must give it time to seep in the cracks, all gooey, loose and muddled. Give it space to mould back into something whole and new and inspired. Both brain and body must recharge before any new foundation can be built. This is the path of growth and reconstruction.

These are tenant of wellness, which we feel should always be front of mind when setting out on new endeavours, in new & old locations, here and far and if they are missing ask yourself how can you help to facilitate them as a community member.

Let us know your thoughts. And even better tell us what are your top essentials for destination events and when/where you experienced them, how they helped you grow.

We can't wait to hear from you.

With love and gratitude,



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