Rapé and Sacred Tobacco

Updated: Jan 5

Sacred Tobacco Crop

Rapé is a sacred shamanic medicine, that has been used for thousands of years by healers and tribes of Amazonas. It is a complex mix, a fine powder of different plants. Tobacco is normally the main ingredients together with ash from other plants that have been burned from a sacred fire. Tobacco is also a sacred plant that has been used all over the Americas by various tribes in ceremonies, and is known to cleanse both individuals and ceremonial spaces. The tobacco can be taken in and experienced in many different ways, such as rapé or smoking the leaves or drinking tobacco juice.

The chosen method of working with the tobacco depends on depends on which native-tradition you work with, what’s in need of healing or removal. For the Rape there are different mixtures and blends of plants used. The fine powder of rapé is given, by the healer, who blows the rapé into the nose with a rape-pipe that is normally made from bamboo or bones.

The rape is shared in a calm and relaxed environment and/or in a conjunction with other ceremonies.

Set your intention and the rapé will answer your prayers. It will give you exactly what you need to become more connected to your natural inner state and peace.The intense blow immediately focuses the mind stops the chattering, and opens the entire mind space up to your intentions. The rapé helps you to ground down, dig in and to come into your very centre. It helps to release emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses, negativity and confusion.

Likewise, shamans use rapé to re-align with their energy channels and with their higher self, to intensify their connection with the world and the universe. In this way, the rapé paves the way for detoxifying the body and cleans out all excess mucus, toxins, and bacteria, thereby, assisting in fighting colds and snuffles. It stimulates the mind with its nicotinic content that in turn releases a.o. epinephrine, acetylcholine and dopamine supporting an increased focus, presence, and intuition.

Interestingly, there are many rumours that rapé could decalcify the pineal gland which is the part of the brain where we have our natural DMT restored. DMT is called “the spirit molecule” because it’s the molecule that realises when we meditate, when we go to dream state with the biggest dose of DMT being realised naturally from our own brains in the moment we die and leave the body.

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