Rituals, an act of empowerment

Updated: Jan 5

Born out of tradition, the desire to establish order and tranquility many forms of repetitive and sentimental acts can bring about balance and harmony in chaotic spaces. These acts or rituals & routines centre us when we are lost and reminds us to take time to reflect and nourish ourselves. They set the path we are going to walk and help us manifest our most precious dreams.

Starting your day with gratitude and intention shapes the direction you will take in the day and that of those you come in contact with. Setting your intention for the day is to be fully in the moment and in line with harnessing your full energetic power. You become an active participant in this life rather than a victim of events beyond your immediate control. We are most powerful when we are walking forward in life with our eyes, ears and hearts open. Taking advantage of our conscious state, feeding the mind with positive input and thoughts of abundance will only serve to create it. What you water will grow. Where you focus your energy is the garden you create.

This idea of healthy, holistic routines and rituals is so very dear to us at The Hoop Experience. The actions you take daily to enhance your life and the lives of those around you are the habits that remain. Remember when you feel good, that yummy goodness is spread (just as it does when you are not feeling your best). If we, as a collective, began living with intention and gratitude we will create abundance of the highest scale.  The effects are immediate. 

For example, I start my day by getting up every morning, making a warm mug of ginger tea and sitting  down on my yoga mat to meditate and set the days intention, today it was to let go of mistakes made the day before, to take my backpack of regret off and start anew. Or tonight when I fill the bath with hot water, rose petals, rosemary and Epsom salts, lay naturally scented soy candles around the tubs edge and mentally write my reverse bucket list (a list of all you have already achieved and are grateful for * thanks @DeanneLove) - this is my most precious time, and a really delicious ritual. Both of these examples are positive acts that bring about a sense of calm and peace with in. But routines and rituals can be anything you choose. Every time you step inside your sacred circle you are performing ritualistic behaviour.  The movement, the music, the emotion, the energy released all begin to form your own personal patterns in the world. 

In an effort to be the change we want to see, we invite you to join our Hoop and Healing Rituals Challenge. Share with us your sacred rituals your pampering routines, how you live with gratitude and intention and win a free ticket to the Hoop & Healing Retreat in Ibiza, 10-14th October.

1st place Prize worth €630!!

2nd place prize is 50 % off twin room ticket worth €315

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