Our Facilitators

We are so blessed to once again have a wonderfully eclectic group of international teachers & healers joining us as Facilitators of another The Hoop Experience Event! We take pride in the diversity of gender, skill set, nationality, heritage and experiences at our always diverse and progress gatherings.

Buket Rin

Buket Rin is a very curious and determined mover, who likes to work with many different ideas. She is based in Sweden but spends most of her time touring around Europe to learn and share more of her passion for flow arts and fire. Teaching and performing are her biggest passions and she adds more tools and styles to her repertoire non-stop. In her workshops, you can learn anything from super single hoop tricks to creativity with your props, circus/multi-hooping to sustained spinning flow, mobility and flexibility exercises, fire hooping or some multitasking ideas.


Get ready for some fun and challenge!


Andeli is a creative and lively flow artist from Switzerland. Her focal point is on hoop dance (2010), poi (2000) & her newly created Flow art tool SilknHoop (2018).

Andeli's lives the life in which she perceives, flow’ as a gift to yourself, something to integrate into your everyday life. And she speaks from the heart when she says, flow yourself beautiful!

Spinning Poi & dance with the Hoop, altered Andeli’s life and inspired her love of motion and finding new movements has since been ever lasting. Out of her never-ending creativity she developed SilknHoop in 2018. SilknHoop is a playfully limited way to spin silk scarf on Hoops.

Her early stage experience, as a young girl, pushed her to perform her first fire show in 2007. Since then, she has been part of various projects, organising, teaching and performing. She currently performs professionally with the fire group Foyk and has been teaching both poi and hulahoop since 2014 in Switzerland and at  international Hula hoop conventions. She is one of the Organiser of Get the Ring, Swiss Hulahoop Convention & influences the Swiss Hulahoop Community by organising Events and Workshops in Switzerland."

Mitra Hoop

Mitra Hoop is one of the founders of The Hoop Experience, she is also the creator of the Hoop & Healing Retreat, Ibiza! 


In her own words:

“As the healing-art has played an important role in building confidence and trust in the realisation and understanding of the importance of sharing our gifts, I have been dreaming to create a retreat like this, on this powerful & very spiritual land of Ibiza. 

A retreat with workshops supporting deeper processes which removes layers that no longer support our true and natural selves. My goal is to help you to feel empowered, be inspired and become transformed. For you to come back to your daily life and shine brighter, feel more confident, happier as the hoop dancer, performer and the beautiful human you are.  You so deserve this”


Mitra Hoop is an experienced Hula-Hoop, Fire and Light performer, as well a procurer, designer, teacher and coach. Born in Sweden, she followed her heart and moved to Ibiza, Spain in 2015.


Michelle Verhoeks is a passionate flow artist from the Netherlands. In the summer of 2015 she discovered her passion for hoop dance. First seen, it looked like magic and blew her mind. Almost a year later she grabbed her old children’s hoop at home and gradually started hooping from waist to chest. From that moment she knew her hoop journey had begun.


Times of secretly dancing at her safe space home in a small room changed to flowing free in the park every day. For her, the hoop is a powerful tool to step out of her comfort zone and form a unity with the body. Dancing with the hoop gives her joy and can bring her into a state of ecstasy. In 2017, she founded FlowMies and started giving hoop dance classes, jams and performances. In 2018, she became a certificated Hoop Love Coach by Deanne Love and went to TADAH Artist Habitat in Turkey for the Advanced Teacher Training of Emma Kenna/Hooping Mad. Her flow journey has expanded by teaching at retreats, practising rope dart and doing fire & UV bodypaint shows. 

It makes her happy to teach this beautiful art form to new and experienced hoop dancers and to connect with people in the flow arts community. 

Hoop Hustle Flow

AKA Joy, is a one time ballerina, a hula hooper, a roller skater and yogi determined to bring a holistic balance of wellbeing through arts, creativity and movement to the growing community of people, overwhelmed with work but underwhelmed with life! 

As cofounder of The Hoop Experience, creative director Sweet Cheeks Skate & Swim Apparel and creator of Ballet Hoop, Joy's desire is to share her experience from more than 20 years as an entrepreneur (yes, she started young), 15 years as a corporate digital advertising strategist, and just under 4 years as a travelling wellness ambassador. 

Expect laughter, community building, personal empowerment, LOTS of movement and, of course, twerking in the Hoop Hustle Flow workshops.


*She will teach learn to skate, roller-hoop and her trademarked hoopflex fusion

Performer, Dancer, Teacher & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

Sound baths by Amilde

Amilde born in Argentina, named after her grandmother, whose name means “battle of god” This name has inspired her lifelong spiritual search and self development. Since a little girl, she has been passionate about mystics and learned so much from her grandmother who was a healer in her village. When she was 19 she became a certified Reiki healer and from there her journey continued with Kundalini-Yoga and Hatha yoga. It was through her Kundalini education she came in contact with the gong instrument which she will share with us, alongside various different instrumental instruments. 


"He who knows the secret of

Sound, know the mystery of

Universe. "Hazrat Inayat Khan


The circle of women arrived to her life and introduced her to “The red tent” a path and practice to connect with our divine feminine, the lunar cycle and the power of our natural elements. 

Currently she continues this path learning from the Peruvian Inca tradition as well the teaching of Temazkal.

Paulina Pequena 


Pauline is the creator of Hulahoopin' a Dutch based hulahoop company which provides workshops, courses and hulahoop acts for festivals and events. She is a fulltime hoopdancer since the end of 2017 and performed at various stages such as the Zoo Project in Ibiza and the Dutch Daybreaker events. She introduced the hulahoop virus over 300 women and she loves to guide women in their hoopdance journey. She gives beginner and advanced classes every week in her studio in the Netherlands. Think of wicked combo workshops on funky, urban and latin beats and on body rocking on groovy tunes. She loves to go wild and create acts together with other hoopdancers, especially with blacklight and costumes.

Carole Lib-Fit

OK. Now you may be wondering what a mermaid go to do with a hoop retreat??

Nothing and EVERYTHING!!

This gorgeous creator of twin babies, rocked our world by belly hooping pregnant with twins as wonder woman and creatrix of all our underwater sea creature dreams will be joining us at Hoop & Wellness 2020. Carole will teach us how to move with the grace and elegance of a mermaid, underwater and on land... COMPLETE WITH TAILS!!

There will also be a photoshoot ... proof you really are a magical being!


Circle Cirque

Flying trapeze was Jenny’s gateway drug to circus, providing weekly thrills throughout her first year as an undergraduate at New York University and prompting endless questions from classmates about the white powder all over her clothes. While studying in London the following year, she fell in love with the fire spinning community and started her long-term relationship with hula hoops and fire manipulation.


Upon returning to New York and finishing her degree, Jenny decided that a job in her field of academic study (politics) sounded exceptionally un-fun. She has since worked as an assistant editor, an ESL teacher, an academic administrator, a live-in nanny, and a professional dog walker while training with circus industry professionals at studios including Circus Warehouse in NYC, Gorilla Circus in London, Centro Acrobático Fedriani in Madrid, and the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, among many others. Her exposure to these different circus communities and teaching methods around the world has fostered Jenny’s unique movement and teaching style. She remains always open to adaptation and committed to growing as both a performer and coach!


Jenny now specializes in aerial hoop and hula hoops - but has a habit of falling in love with any new circus discipline that crosses her path. She is currently based in Berlin.

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